FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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November 2018 Quick Notes

November 16, 2018

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Quick Notes


Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm central 

Roll Call: Mike Peters, Wayne Lohman,  Dennis Polson, Mike Richter, Arlie Bragg, Randall Bowman, Phillip Brazier, Jason Cole, Alan Sellers

KCBS Office: Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier

Request to Speak: 

Board Pledge:

            Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

            I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of Last Meeting

            Mike Peters: I move to accept minutes of the October meeting.

            2nd - Wayne Lohman  Motion passed unanimously

            Mike Peters: I move to accept minutes of the October Special meeting.

            2nd - Arlie Bragg  Motion passed unanimously

Financial Statements

            Phillip Brazier: Attached is the November financial report. Pleased accept this report.

President’s Report: None 

Sanctioning Report:





*Brew, Blue & Bar-B-Q



Lansing, KS

Jesse James Barbeque Cook Out



Kearney, MO

Atlanta BBQ Classic



Atlanta, GA

*Elks BBQ Contest



Grandview, MO

*Smoking on the Osage BBQ contest and Car show



Osceola, MO

*Our Lady of Victory Holy Smokes BBQ Competition




Hudson Valley Ribfest



New Paltz, NY

*Independence Fire & Ice BBQ Day 1



Independence, MO

*Independence Fire & Ice BBQ Day 2



Independence, MO

PigMania Franklin State Championship BBQ Competition



Franklin, IN

Stillwater Elks Lodge Blazathon



Stillwater, OK

*Fire it up Frostproof!



Frostproof, FL

KCBS Greek Fire Festival 2019




*Rock N Ribs BBQ Festival



Springfield, MO

Jiggy With The Piggy



Kannapolis, NC

Transylvanian BBQ Festival



Covasna County, 

Central Plains Ribfest



Holdrege, NE

Porkapalooza BBQ Festival




*Elkmont Lions Club Smokin Railroad St. BBQ Cook-off(BACKYARD ONLY)



Elkmont, AL

*Giant National Capital BBQ Battle



Washington, DC

San Luis Valley Beat the Heat BBQ



Alamosa, CO

Burleigh BBQ Championships (COMPETITORS SERIES)




Wild West Fest On Fire



Zbilje, Medvode, 

*Pepsi WY State Championship BBQ & Bluegrass Festival



Worland, WY

*Smokin on the Rez BBQ and Music Festival (DAY 1)



Brandon, MS

*Montana Pitmaster Classic



Bozeman, MT

*Smokin on the Rez BBQ and Music Festival (DAY 2)



Brandon, MS

*Kora Kare for Kids Rind-In & BBQ Competition



Hiram, ME

*Blue Ridge BBQ & Brew Festival



West Jefferson, NC

Bands & BBQ at the Point



Carrillton, KY

Tri City BBQ Fest



Denison, IA

Bataille Sur La Sorgue




*BBQ, Blues & Brews on the Bay



North Bend, OR

*Original SD BBQ Championship



Huron, SD

*Up In Smoke on the Square



Lincoln, IL

*Bring'n Home the Bacon



West Salem, WI

*Bring'n Home the Bacon (BACK YARD ONLY)



West Salem, WI

Kings of Q BBQ Cook-off and Festival



Ayden, NC

8th Annual Valley Veterans BBQ Competition



Valley, NE

*Smoke on the Plains Derby BBQ & Music Fest



Derby, KS

*Camp High Hopes Rib Fest(BACK YARD ONLY)



Sioux City, IA

Clayton BBQ Cook-off



Clayton, CA

*Dodge City Days Smokin Saddles BBQ Competition



Dodge City, KS




Arlington, NE

*3rd Annual Hudson Bay Heritage Days BBQ Cookoff



DuPont, WA

Chillin & Grillin in the Glades



Wise, VA

Smoke and Fire Festival



Maldon, Essex, 

BBQ on the Bow




 *Smoke On the Ohio (STEAK CONTEST)



Mt.Vernon, IN

*Mid  Atlantic BBQ Expo



Atlantic City, NJ

*Smoke on the Sand



Baldwin City , KS

*Flippin' Pigs of Peak BBQ Competition



Marquette, MI

*2nd Annual Cameron Elks BBQ Cook Off



Cameron, MO

Smoke in the Grove



Spring Grove, PA

Laurie Hillbilly BBQ



Laurie, MO

Madison Ribberfest BBQ & Blues Festival



Madsion, IN

*3rd Annual Halfway to St.Pats BBQ Contest



Emmetsburg, IA

Murphysboro BBQ Cook Off



Murphysboro, IL

Jim Beam BBQ Classic



Springfield, KY

The Smithfield Guinea Pig 



Indian Wells, CA

America's Finest BBQ State Championship



San Diego, CA

*The Best Dam BBQ Contest at Smithville Lake



Smithville, MO

The Best Dam Barbeque



Boulder City, NV

*Blues,Brews & Barbecue



Beardstown, IL

Bone Suckin Sauce Peak City Pig Fest



Apex, NC

BBQ an der Burg 2019




Need BOD Approval

There is one conflicting event at this time. 

PeachTree, GA and Lafayette, GA 5/31-6/1

The two communities are 128 miles apart and both are first year events.

We reviewed the details and comparisons of other events North of Atlanta to South of Atlanta. Cornelia, GA and Barnesville, GA who had 26 and 25 teams respectfully.

Georgia has 307 active BBQ cook teams. Lafayette, GA is close to the TN line and should be able to draw from TN teams also who would doubtfully travel to South of GA. 

The committee recommends that both events be sanctioned. 

Discussion - PB - have either events posted the purse for their events? Prize money should have been a factor. MR - should not be sanctioned this close together. RB - Atlanta is the line teams typically do not cross. PeachTree is pairing with a BMX tournament. Lafayette is trying to draw a different crowd to their festival and trying BBQ to accomplish 

Mike Peters Motion to accept

2nd Wayne Lohman - 

Roll Call vote

Yes - Peters, Lohman, Polson, Bragg, Cole, Sellers

Nay - Brazier, Richter

Motion passes 6 to 2

Sanctioning Committee Report

Sanctioning committee met vial teleconference on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

We discussed one conflicting event.

We discussed the collegiate division and how this might apply to other educational bodies. 

We also discussed competitor series events that might want to change turn-in times and potentially share category information/placing between categories. The consensus was that as a competitor series event, the organizer can dictate differences to the event as long as the scoring and judging integrity is upheld.

Mike Richter - motion to move to closed session - apparent violation of rule 6 with member call-in.

2nd Dennis Polson Motion passes unanimously at 7:16 pm

Closed session agenda

Executive Committee Report

Closed Session Topic:  Apparent violation of rule 6.

Deputy Director discussion

Contest Representatives additions. 

Open session at 9:25 pm

Motion by Mike Richter - 

In regards to the apparent violation of Rule #6, a motion is made to suspend the team and team members for a period of six months effective immediately from participating in any aspect of KCBS events with a one year probation period following the suspension.

Wayne Lohman - 2nd  Motion passes unanimously

Phillip Brazier - Motion to approve John and Connie Amiday

Arlie Bragg - 2nd Motion passes unanimously

Marketing Committee Report

Marketing/Social Media KCBS October 2018

(Stats through 8101/18 – 10/31/18)


         •           Total page views for October: 621,423

         •           Total Unique Users for October: 81.105

         •           Time per Visit: 4.34 minutes

 Great American Cookout Tour

         •           Major event stops completed: 19

2018 GAC tour has completed all stops, Duncanville, TX was canceled due to flooding all throughout the Dallas, Texas area.  

Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

         •           Twitter Followers: 16.482

         •           Twitter Impressions: 95,514

         •           Instagram Followers: 4,743

         •           Facebook total Likes: 85,851

         •           Total Audience: 105,436

         •           Facebook Impressions:  435,031

Facebook Post Clicks: 24,835

         •           Facebook Reactions: 1,979

Print Media Impressions for KCBS (Domestically) 17,943,883

KCBS Marketing Committee Meeting 

This months meeting continue discussion and planning of the KCBS World Invitational. We discussed ideas on trophies, social media presence, sponsorships and judges. We also had a conference call with the venue to discuss infrastructure. The next meeting is scheduled for November 28 at 7pm EST. 

International Committee Report

November 2018 International Board of Managers Report

The International BOM is studying the feasibility of establishing an International Board of Advisors from country regions where we have more than 100 members.  Presently, those regions include Canada, Europe and Australia.  The purpose of the International Board of Advisors is to help and advise the KCBS International Board of Managers in promoting the KCBS Mission internationally.  We expect to have the International Board of Advisors in place by the first of the year.           

Rules Committee Report

The Rules Committee met October 16th and the next meeting is November 20th. Several topics were discussed with the majority of the time spent discussing “mouthfeel.”  The Committee believes following should be added to the judges training and to the “script” for judge’s meetings at competitions with regards to helping define tenderness.

The bite and mouthfeel are the primary governing factors when determining tenderness of an entry. There should be some firmness to the meat without being tough or chewy.  The meat should not be mushy or dry.

If a motion is required for this change, please accept as a motion.  Additionally, the committee requests to have reps remind judges they “are” to taste the skin if presented on a chicken entry. Motion to come in December.

The committee was requested to review the existing backyard rules regarding the statement pertaining to Grand Champion and Reserve Champion. Other than adding “Grand” in between Reserve and Champion the committee believes the existing rule is clear and appropriate. The committee also believes the rest of the requirements are appropriate. The existing rule is below.

“Definition for Backyard Cook Team

A. Any member of the team who has not entered in and competed in more than twelve (12) sanctioned "Master Series" BBQ competitions in the past and;

B. Any person who has been a member of a team who has not been awarded a Grand Champion or Reserve Champion status in any KCBS Sanctioned "Master Series" competition and;

C Any member of the team who has competed in three (3) or less "Master Series BBQ competitions within the current competition year.

If any member of the team has entered in and competed in more than twelve (12) sanctioned "Master Series" BBQ competitions — in the past, they are ineligible to participate in the Backyard competition. Any person who was a member of a team who has competed in three (3) or less "Master Series" BBQ competitions within one (1) competition year may be considered a backyard cook and may declare or revert to such status. This includes the Chief Cook and/or Assistant Cooks. The only exclusion to this rule would be those judges cooking with a team to qualify for master judge status. Individuals who feel they have extenuating circumstances may appeal to the KCBS Sanctioning committed or their designee for reconsideration as a backyard cook. Those requests must be made in writing within 90 days of the competition in question.

The purpose is to ensure a level playing field in the cooking competition. The Cook Team cannot have been compensated as a Pro BBQ Restaurant or Caterer.”

Motion concerning “mouthfeel” .The Committee believes following should be added to the judges training and to the “script” for judge’s meetings at competitions with regards to helping define tenderness.

“The bite and mouthfeel are the primary governing factors when determining tenderness of an entry. There should be some firmness to the meat without being tough or chewy.  The meat should not be mushy or dry.”

2nd by Dennis Polson Motion passes unanimously This needs to make sure to be on the MP3 for 2019.

CBJ Committee Report                               

KCBS CBJ Committee Minutes held on October 29, 2018  7 pm

Members Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Jason Cole, Co-chair; Linda Polson, Recording Secretary; Ralph Williams, Maxine Kilgore, Frank Gonzales, Debbie & Bill Gage, Marge Plummer, Jon Amedei, Brian DeCoud, and Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director.

Dennis opened the meeting and said that the CBJ committee has been asked to develop criteria for a Master Certified Table Captain designation. Dennis and Carolyn explained the rationale for the request. 

The committee discussed at length several possible criteria requirements. Some items were approved by the committee. However, there were some items that committee members would like to research and give further consideration. Those items were tabled  until the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for November 26th at 7 pm CDT.

Linda Polson

Recording Secretary

Response to member email: request a change in the master judges test be made so that everyone is told the correct answers for questions that they got wrong. 

Current system does not allow as there are 100 questions that are rotated randomly through the system. Question numbers are incorrect as numbers change each time. Tech committee should review to see if it is possible to show which questions were missed with the new platform. 

Rep Committee Report:

There was no Rep Committee meeting held in October.

Two more reps completed their training and a report will be given to the BOD in closed session.

Received a retirement letter from Tana Shupe as a contest rep. Tana has 30 years of history with KCBS.

Technology Committee Report

Submitted a request for work on KCBScore to the Executive committee. ParkRoad negotiated the adjustments and costs.

Demonstrated the platform to the Executive Committee and will be scheduling a demonstration with the entire board before sharing with select organizers.

December 17-21 will be the go-live timeframe for the new platform. ParkRoad in addition to board members will be onsite during the transition.

Discussing a communication strategy to share website and platform improvements to the membership base. 

There will be a SOW for ParkRoad for the 2019 year also. Will be brought to the board in December. 

Strategic Planning Committee Report

No Report

Banquet Committee Report

No Report

Membership Committee Report

Active Members 18710

New Members 217

New from CBJ Class 40

Renewed Members 715

Non- Renewed 353

New from Website 139

Total Lifetime Members 1795

International Members 1648

Countries Represented 33

Members “auto” renewed 851

During this months meeting we discussed the following,

Referral reward program - We found out we have an existing program that pays any member $5 for each new member they refer.  We are looking to make his program visible when we start the new web platform.  On hold for now.

Getting lapsed members to renew their membership.  We would like to go back 2 years on lapsed members and offer them a chance at a prize drawing if they renew.  We have various products from our sponsors we can use for this purpose.

Nominating/Election Committee Report

For the 2018 KCBS election, we received 19 nominations of which 17 people accepted. 2 people withdrew their names for consideration. 

The following members will be included on the 2019 KCBS ballot for the 5 open seats. 

David Miller

Robert Stouffer

Benny Adauto

Arlie Bragg

Myron Berry

J Clair Witwer

Ann Hurst

Bill Moon

Jason Hardee

Candy Weaver

Randy Bigler

David Qualls

Haymo Gutweniger

Richard Fergola

Forrest Bruce


Education/Communication Committee Report

We did not have a phone conversation meeting this month as it fell on Election Day.

Building Committee Report

There will be an update on both the new and the old property. Contract is at legal for 2519 Madison. At least 2 parties are interested in old building. 

Philanthropy Committee Report

Philanthropy fundraiser was held on November 4 at Boulevard Brewery. Board members Bowman and Polson were in attendance and report that the fundraiser was a success/profitable and has great potential and a promising future.

Old Business

TOY Committee - As posted on คาสิโนออนไลน์มือถือ คาสิโนออนไลน์มือถือ www.dorangeville.com on October 25, 2018: Teams, the KCBS Board of Directors would like your feedback on the possibility of changing the max bonus points for Team of the Year from 35 to 45. This will be discussed at the next BOD meeting on November 14th, 2018. Continuing discussions on team of the year with motion to follow. Lots of discussion on multiple options, pluses and minus’ of keeping versus changing. Suggestions of taking money away from TOY and sharing the money towards 180’s, 700’s, first GC, etc. Suggestion to totally relook or do away with TOY, should discuss in strategic planning. At the beginning of 2018, we begged and pleaded with top teams to help re-design the program and have had little if any communication or participation. Teams chasing across the country add excitement to BBQ at the local events - lets young teams meet and compete against top teams. Some areas do not have access to 45 team events but a majority does have access to 35 team. We need to have a plan - regional or stay at same. Hate to see TOY change without direction and thought. Accept proposals of changes to make a measured decision for TOY. TOY discussion in 2015 at banquet was not productive. TOY should be hard. We will grow membership from the majority, not the minority. There are other benefits for TOY chasers - restaurants, TV shows, opportunities to expand their brand. KCBS is the platform for these folks. Need to find ways to fuel membership and event participation. Where is KCBS spending our money - it should benefit the majority. AD Hoc committee from 2015 reviewed regional opportunities where current KCBS invitational would provide a great end game. Reward high scores might have unintended consequences of upset judges. New platform will have opportunities to play with scenarios. Keeping at 35 keeps options open for more participation. We have been talking about this for a long time. What about raising to 40 to make it more challenging and continue exploring options. Changing the number does nothing for the average member. Keeping at the same % becomes a participation award program. Should make a program that encourages more teams to compete for TOY, at least have the opportunity to compete. Is multipliers an option to go back to? No complaints when it was at 50, only changed when it was lowered. Next year Nov/Dec, the next board will still be discussing. No motion made. 

Arlie Bragg - I propose that we take the BullSheet digital January 1 it’s already been voted on so let’s get this thing rolling out January 1. Financial documents have been provided that just show costs, not distribution or amounts. 

Carolyn Wells will gather factual data concerning number of paper bull sheets distributed and true costs of publishing. Postponed until November meeting. 

Reviewing costs which are still being collected, we should be able to pass on costs to members who wish to receive the paper product. Reviewing the original motion from 2017, The BOD will monitor the transition and determine when publishing the printed version will cease after implementation of the website version. Data was collected that shows costs and numbers. Board received and reviewed. Currently lose over $30,000 per year. Backlash would be terrible if we deleted completely. Make it an option for members to pay for paper bull sheet. Other options still being reviewed are format and change of print type. Discussed a $7/year option which would cover the printing and shipping costs for the members who wish to receive the paper bull sheet. Currently new members receive digital as their only option. Lifetime members joined with the format in place of print and should not be removed. Should only be an option for grandfathered members. New platform will be able to correctly determine who should and should not receive. Old system is hit and miss. Nothing with lifetime membership guaranteed lifetime paper bull sheets. Are we ignoring the active motion? Prior motion from 10/11/17 is: Motion that the Bullsheet publication be shifted from a printed version to คาสิโนออนไลน์มือถือ www.dorangeville.com for its

distribution in 2018 with a .pdf printable format available to membership. BOD authorizes funds for the web development. The BOD will monitor the transition and determine when publishing the printed version will cease after implementation of the website version. Richter second. Motion passed. We currently do have a web pdf printable option. National BBQ news has a great publication we might want to look at as an option. Can the information to make a decision be gathered by Jan 1? Unsure if Tribune can do a fewer amount? This also affects office staff and member communications. Taking away the printed copies due to demographics of membership will be detrimental. Table this issue for more discovery. 

New Business

Phillip Brazier - I would like to discuss the judge seating program with a possible motion to be made after discussion. Continue with present judge seating program through 2019.

Motion to adjourn - Wayne Lohman

2nd Dennis Polson Motion passed unanimously

Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+